Image to Overship Free Copies of Spawn #312 In the Form of McFarlane Rare Virgin Variant

Image Comics will celebrate the Direct Market’s continued support of Image Comics President Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series with a free overship of a rare McFarlane virgin cover variant on Spawn #312 this November.

This overship amount will be 20% of the retailers’ orders (total, across covers A, B & C) of Spawn #312. The freight cost for these free overshipped variant copies will be covered by Image and McFarlane.

The Final Order Cut-off Deadline for Spawn #312 is this Monday, November 2. It will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, November 25.

  • Spawn #312 Cover A – Diamond Code SEP200226
  • Spawn #312 Cover B – Diamond Code SEP200227
  • Spawn #312 Cover C – Diamond Code SEP200228
  • Spawn #312 Cover D – Will be 20% of your total order placed across Covers A-C

Spawn #312 McFarlane Virgin Overship Details:

  • Please note that the only way to receive the special Cover D is by placing orders for Spawn #312 Covers A-C (SEP20 0226 – SEP20 0228 any combination).
  • Cover D will not be orderable or reorderable and will be only available to retailers who place orders for Spawn #312 Covers A-C through the November 2 FOC deadline.
  • Any retailers who place orders for Spawn #312 Covers A-C (SEP20 0226-SEP20 0228 any combination) by the November 2 FOC date, will have 20% of that total entered as free orders under a special virgin variant (Cover D).
  • Retailers will not need to place orders under Cover D. As long as they have orders in the system for Spawn #312 Cover A-C, free orders will be entered under Cover D post-FOC.
  • Freight credits for Cover D will be issued to cover the freight costs of that free variant cover.