On Monday, news broke that The CW is developing a Wonder Girl live-action series, starring the character of Yara Flor–but before TV audiences meet Yara, she’ll first be seen in comic books starting this January in the pages of Future State: Wonder Woman!

Future State: Wonder Woman is a two-issue series written and illustrated by Joëlle Jones, part of DC’s wider two-month Future State event. In the series, Yara Flor takes the mantle of Wonder Woman in Diana’s absence, journeying to the Underworld to rescue one of her Themysciran sisters.  

The CW Wonder Girl series is executive produced by Berlanti Productions, veterans of multiple DC television series, and Dailyn Rodriguez, executive produver of Queen of the South. The show, if greenlit, wiill focus on a younger version of Yara than seen in Future State: Wonder Woman.  

Given the character’s multimedia potential, fans will surely be eager to meet Yara Flor in Future State: Wonder Woman #1–which is on Final Order Cutoff on December 6, with an on-sale date of January 5.

While Future State may be a two-month event, Jones has already stated she’s got plans for the character beyond February–teasing on Twitter, “I’m not done with Yara Flor after she debuts in DC’s Future State: Wonder Woman in January. More to come!”    Additionally, copies of the Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Team Variant by Matt Taylor are still available to order, until November 23!