Current List of Exclusives in Progress

Well there we go. Our first exclusive, We Live #3 by the talented artist Ryan Gary Browne ( you can follow him on Instagram Here) is now Live. I cant begin to tell you how excited I am to have done this. From start to finish, This has been an absolute blast!

As a matter of fact, I had so much fun that its now time to move on and do more! I wanted to lay out the list of Titles and Artists that we have coming up, Something for everyone to look forward to because honestly I am super excited about the talent we have secured for these covers and I hope you will be too!

Aftershock – We Live #3 – Cover art by Ryan Gary Browne – ***ON SALE NOW***

Aftershock – We Live #4 – Cover art by Inaki Miranda Himself! ( I cant wait to show everyone this cover) – 1/20 – ***ON SALE NOW***

Scout – Black Friday – Cover art by Ryan Gary Browne (another one that I cant wait to show you! ) 2/17

Scout – By the Horns – Cover art by Jason Muhr – 2/24 (Jasons Cover is gonna KNOCK your socks off!)

Boom! Studios – Something is killing the Children #15 – Cover artist Livio Ramondelli – 2/24.

Thats all we have right now. I didnt want to push things too fast and I wanted to make sure we get everything right. As a collector myself, I know how important some of those details can be. So with that in mind, just as I promised, Here is a SS of the print run as proof of run ( as I call it). A lot of details will be blacked out as they are sensitive information, but seeing a number helps be transparent and dosnt break any rules 🙂

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