Something is Killing the Children 16 is here!

Boom! Studios SIKTC Something is killing children

We've been dying to share the cover that Dike Ruan did for us for Something is Killing the Children 16, and the wait is almost over. Friday morning, we'll reveal the cover, and that night at 8pm eastern, the book will go on sale!

UPDATE - We're delaying the sale by an hour in hopes that we can show you the cover first. We're hoping to avoid selling a book we can't show you!



Something is Killing the Children 16
Cover by Dike Ruan
Print run: 550
Cost: $20

Note: there are no CGC purchasing options with this book.


Individual copies of SIKTC16 are limited to 2 per order for the first hour of the sale. 

We're also offering a Something is Killing the Children 16 + Department of Truth 9 Bundle. This gets you 1 copy of each for $35 total (save $5). These are limited to 1 per person the first hour, but this doesn't count against the 2 individual limit. So, in total, you can order 2 individual and 1 bundle in the first hour max. 

After the first hour, there are no limits, and you can purchase additional copies. Let us know if you've done this, and we'll combine shipping so that you don't have to pay for shipping twice. 

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